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Weekly Reading Reccomendations

To get your week started.

Is value back? (The Most Competitive Game)

“Since people want abnormal results, they try to find abnormal thinkers. But no one should be shocked when people who think about the world in unique ways you like also think about the world in unique ways you don’t like. If you want the party, you also get the hangover. Big, bold, visions are important and should be celebrated. But they have to be matched with stable, reality-based operators who have equal power if those visions are to have a fighting chance at surviving outside incubation.

WeWork Lessons That Apply To Lots of Stuff (Morgan Housel – Collaborative Fund)

Nerves (The Belle Curve)

Hope Is Not A Strategy (Demonetized)

Go for It (Above the Market)

The 2019 S&P 500 Sector Quilt (A Wealth of Common Sense)



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