“Books are a priceless source of wisdom. But people are the ultimate teachers, and there may be lessons that we can only learn from observing them or being in their presence.”

Guy Spier

Investing Process, Stock Selection, and Valuation

  • Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies (6th Edition) – McKinsey and Company (Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels)
  • Security Analysis – Ben Graham and David Dodd
  • The Education of a Value Investor – Guy Spier
  • Stock Markets, 101 – Michele Cagan, CPA
  • Investing 101 – Michele Cagan, CPA
  • The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham
  • The Dhando Investor – Mohnish Pabrai
  • Margin of Safety – Seth Klarman
  • The Interpretation of Financial Statements – Mary Buffett and David Clark
  • One Up on Wall Street – Peter Lynch
  • A Wealth of Common Sense – Ben Carlson, CFA
  • Basic Economics – Thomas Sowell
  • 100 Baggers Christopher Mayer
  • Invest like a Dealmaker – Christopher Mayer
  • World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents – Christopher Mayer

Stories in Finance

  • The Man Who Solved the Market: How Simons Launched the Quant Revolution Gregory Zuckerman
  • Flash Boys – David Einhorn
  • The Quants – Scott Patterson
  • When Genius Failed – Roger Lowenstein
  • Fooling Some People All of the Time – David Einhorn
  • Billion Dollar Whale – Tom Wright and Bradley Hope
  • Devil Take the Hindmost – Edward Chancellor

On Businesses and Great Leaders

  • Loonshots – Safi Bahcall
  • The Outsiders: 8 Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success – William Thorndike
  • Shoe Dog – Phil Knight
  • The Essays of Warren Buffett
  • Margin of Trust: The Berkshire Business Model – Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba
  • Buffett – Roger Lowenstein
  • The Goal – Eliyahu Goldratt


  • How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt
  • Principles – Ray Dalio
  • Economics of Good & Evil – Tomas Sedlacek
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